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Nutrition for children in times of COVID-19

Help us deliver 12,000 food rations to vulnerable and extremely poor children and their families in Peru

The emergency generated by COVID-19 challenges us to demonstrate, once again, our solidarity. How can we do it?


By helping children and their families, who are in extreme poverty, in the most humble areas of the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima.


Together we can help

Our goal is to raise a fund of CHF 5,000 until the end of December 2020 in order to provide food packages for 600 children and their families who are in a highly vulnerable situation.

We are talking about an estimated 12,000 balanced food rations, which will be distributed through communal houses, in charge of the administration of the Municipality of Lima, Peru.

We need your help

We believe that the best lesson we can draw from this crisis is empathy. There are vulnerable families who are not in a position to cover their basic need for food, but together we can do something about it. With CHF 100 you can ensure that four families receive food packages for 10 days.

The food packages we'll deliver guarantee the energy value of 1,600 that a persons needs to receive daily, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).



How to donate

Donations can either be done via the Peruvian crowdfunding platform Emprende UP or with Paypal.

If you're using Emprende UP please be aware that the site is in Spanish and the default currency is Peruvian Soles, so if want to donate CHF 100 you should enter an amount of 400 as shown in the screenshot below:

How to donate EN

Ayuda en Acción Perú


'Ayuda en Acción' is an international foundation that acts against poverty and inequality in 22 countries around the world. In Peru, their work began in 1988, with the mission of empowering people to be able to move forward on their own.

Their intervention in 2019 managed to impact the lives of 207,301 people, through sustainable projects implemented in nine regions of the country. They are audited annually by the international firm KPMG and in Peru they report to the Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation, the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.


Proyecto IRIS

proyecto IRIS Logo Redondo black black C

Proyecto IRIS is an international community

of self-help and personal development.

It started as artistic project in honor of Iris María Rojas who emigrated from Peru to Switzerland in 1990 so she could help her family. When she passed away in 2018 her son, who wants to stay anonymous wanted to continue her legacy of helping others and began telling her life story through music. His songs started to have an impact in Latin America and united thousands of people who had also lost someone in their life. This is how the community was born, which continues to grow day by day.

The growing support of the community enabled Proyecto IRIS to start their first humanitarian project in 2020.

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